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I recently saw Captain America. Let me just say, it was fucking fantastic. It’s what every comic book movie should be. 

I wanted to do some sort of reference in this week’s Name Game but considering I’m in a story arc it was kinda impossible. I (and a devoted fan on twitter) really wanted some ode to Captain America though. Not only was it one of the few movies to make me a bit proud to be American, but it also had a great message. I really like the idea of “fighting for the little guy”. This is probably due to the fact that I was always the little guy. I’ve had my fair share of bullying for various reasons. And most of those times I wished I had some hero to save me. But those very reasons why I got teased were actually some of my biggest strengths. 

So I present the image of Alix as my hero. Name Game has gotten me through some of the worst times. Despite my complaints on Twitter when I’m working on it, Name Game has really done wonders for me. If I didn’t have it kicking my ass every week, I wouldn’t be half of the artist I am today. Name Game has given me a further reach to a larger community. It’s allowed me more opportunities than I’ve ever seen before. It’s let me meet some of my favorite artists and heros. It let me meet some people who have grown to be some of my closest friends. 

But most importantly it’s helped me open my eyes. If I hadn’t kept Name Game going I wouldn’t have seen the potencial in so many things. When I began Name Game, I was suffering through my first year at art school. I joined art school because it seemed like what I was supposed to .do. But when I got there it made me miserable and it showed in my work (and not in a good way). If Name Game has shown me anything it’s that there are so many more options. There’s a long winded story, but I went from an art school in Maryland with a cynical environment to a wonderful school in Vancouver. Here I’m passionate about my work and enjoying my company.

I can tell there’s an improvement because of how fast I’m going through sketchbooks (will scan and update soon).

So keep fighting for the little guys. You never know what one good action can do in the long run. 


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