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As most of you already know, I’m currently in Pre-production of my final project at VFS. We’ve been fiddling around with prototypes and now we have one working on the web! I AM EXCITE! PLAY IT! Controls are on the top of the browser.

The game revolves around one mechanic. You have a gun that shoots jump pads. The goal (right now) is to explore and go as high as you can. Keep in mind this is just a prototype. There is no set level design in this yet. It’s kinda just randomly placed blocks. There are still lots of things we know we need to polish. 

The jumpads are built so that you will reach the height you fall from when you jump on them. 

The magenta boxes (skuttles) with the spheres gradually suck you in. The boxes are supposed to damage the player but we haven’t implemented that yet. We still haven’t made their fields visible from the inside, so if you’re still moving without touching controls, you’re probably in the skuttle field. Once again, these are things we’re working on. 

You can place a jump pad under them to move them around. You can use their pull sphere to navigate around corners as well.

Orange boxes hurt you if you stay on them. 

Please check it out and give feedback to the email at the top of the webpage! We’d really appreciate it!

OBVIOUSLY THIS IS NOT THE FINAL ART. I’m still working on that… We still have a few months.


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