The (mostly) art blog of Elisa "LeeLee" Scaldaferri.
I make art for games and that web-series Extra Credits.

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Realized I passed the 1000 followers mark! Also my birthday is this week!

Celebration gif! 

Thanks guys! I’ll try to update more. 

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Sleeping bag.


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Spent lunchtime studying weird vehicles .

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So I started watching Hannibal.

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I think I have a cold but all I wanna do is draw. Guys I have a problem. I should lay down. Send help.

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Happy Birthday Rob! 

Rob is one of my nerdy motorcycle friends. He’s cool I guess. 

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I made an Andrew! You might know him from StreamBros or that dude who takes photos at Desert Bus

He’s a sick photographer and has provided me with many awesome profile pictures so I figured this is the least I could do. 

Asked otend

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Had a day of implementing things in Unity at work. Needed a sketch break so I started a new twitter icon.